How To Stage Your Home

A clean staged living room.

Staging your home is all about putting the best foot forward for potential buyers. It allows the potential homebuyers to really get the feel for how warm or inviting a home is. By showcasing a home’s most desirable features, you can draw more interest for your house and leave a lasting impression. Here is what you should keep in mind when you prepare for your next open house or viewing!

Help visitors visualize it as their own. Make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves making your house their home by removing personal memorabilia, knick-knacks, and photos. Remember, we want the home to feel like it is already theirs. You would not want a home with random strangers’ pictures on your walls – would you? Instead replace them with simple decoration items like still life pictures, plants, art, etc...

A very clean and modern looking kitchen.
Clean colors like white and metallic help kitchens pop!

Time to modernize! Many of today’s buyers are leaning toward modern, crisp, clean interiors. Although there are some people who may prefer unique cozy styles, the mass amount of homebuyer’s fancy something newer. When staging your home, keep a minimalist mindset, and incorporate bright colors and metal accents. Less is more – and more space leaves room for the buyer’s imagination.

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. It is obvious to say you should clean your home before having guests, but don’t forget to cover your bases by deep cleaning the small spots and places that you might not think. Most sellers who take your home seriously are going to open every door, every cabinet, and look at fine details. This is not the time to pile all your dirty clothes in the closet or under the bed. Take time to scrub porous areas like grout that may hold on to stains and baseboards where small pet hairs and dust love to cling. Pro Tip: If maintaining a uber-clean environment is too taxing, invest in some non-transparent plastic totes and place one in every closet. Should you need to tidy up quickly before a showing – Open them up and toss those last-minute items in them for later.

Perfectly mowed front lawn.
A clean entryway is very inviting!

Spruce up your driveway. Have you heard of the phrase “Curb Appeal”? The first impression your home gives to potential buyers is its exterior. Most homebuyers do a drive by before booking their tour through your home. Having a tidy front, side, and back yard is key in selling a home. Ensure you have a freshly mowed lawn, neat hedges and shrubbery, bright flowers, and a clean driveway. If you live in the Pacific Northwest be sure to rake up those leaves and pressure wash that moss off as many walking surfaces as possible.

Create the perfect vibe. A home is so much more than just the way it looks, so you need to appeal to the other senses. Touch, Smell, and sight all work as a team when a homebuyer is assessing your property. Prior to having potential buyers over, set the mood by burning delicious smelling candles and selecting an upbeat soundtrack to play in the background -- I am a fan of Jazz & Lo-fi hip hop. Be sure that every single surface has been wiped and does not have any surprisingly sticky textures.

A modern living room with a hot fireplace.

Selling a home can seem like a lot of work at first glance, but with the right help and guidance it can be an amazingly simple and stress less task. Be sure to speak with your real estate professional for tricks and tips that might help you in the region you live in. Most large suburbia’s and cities will have home staging companies that will really help your house shine, should you decide to pay for their services—Many times these companies do so well that they drive up the value/price of your home and pay for themselves.

Want more tips to help you sell your home today? Check out this 8 minute YouTube video below. Be sure to click subscribe to get updates on my video releases before anyone else.

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